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Cash machine

Thanks to the ATMs located in the shopping centre, you can access your cash at any time.

ATMs on the 1st basement floor:

  • Tatra banka (next to the Deichmann shop),
  • Unicredit bank (under the escalator, opposite the Top Service branch),
  • Slovenská sporiteľňa (next to the Starý otec shop),
  • VÚB banka (next to the VÚB banka branch),

You will find an ATM on the ground floor:

  •     ČSOB (next to the New Yorker).

ATMs on the 1st floor

You will find a Poštova banka ATM in the ČSOB, Tatra banka, Slovenska sporiteľna branches and in the Slovenska Pošta branch.

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